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Webinars – 2021

November 2021 – Basics of Candid and Street Photography

Ludwig Keck, one of our own Board Members, discusses his passion for Street Photography in the form of a set of questions covering a wide range of areas including definitions, how to get over taking strangers’ pictures, locations for best shots, style and camera techniques. This video has lots of sample shots to support the dialogue. Thanks to Ludwig for a really insightful look at this one genre of Photography.

October 2021 – Using Curves

Post-editing using Curves Tools is perhaps the most powerful way to control subtle and not so-subtle changes in our images. Brian Walton takes us on an exploration of how to use the tool for both corrective actions as well as artistic expression.

September 2021 – Texture Blending

This video shows how to be successful at Texture Blending and is taught by our own Board Member Mario Lombardi. You’ll learn what is Texture Blending, what software you might want to use, and what types of shots lend well to Texture Blending. This webinar uses several examples and shows you how the final image was created.

August 2021 – Smartphone Photo Editing Apps

This Webinar is taught by our own President of Peachtree Corners Photography Club – Tracey Rice. The topics covered are: Reasons for Editing your Smartphone photos, Editing Tips, Overview of the most popular phone editing apps, Follow along demonstration of SnapSeed, Description and examples of other popular General Purpose apps and the Description and examples of specialized apps. We hope you enjoy this very informative video.

July 2021 – Printing at Colorchrome

This video presents an introduction to our local Professional Printing Lab – Colorchrome – located in Norcross, GA. John Rhodes, one of the founders, takes us on a tour through the facility and then answers a lot of questions about how we can make beautiful prints whether they be archival, metal or one of many other choices.

June 2021 – Focus Modes and Panning

This Webinar discusses the various ways to set Focus Modes especially for moving subjects. Autofocus Continuous and various settings for the number of focus points is covered along with some tips on how and when to properly pan your camera as you take shots of moving objects. This Webinar is presented by one of our own Peachtree Corners Photography Club members, Bob Chadwick, and was created on June 22, 2021.

April 2021 – Free and Paid Post-Processing Tools

This is our 3rd Technical Webinar that reviews some choices for Free and Paid for Post-Processing software. The Webinar covers several tools available and covers some comparisons for the strengths and weaknesses of the tools reviewed. This Webinar was designed and presented by our own Brian Walton.

March 2021 – White Balance

This is our Second Technical Webinar focused on the Elements of White Balance; how to use WB settings in your Camera and in your Editing Software to get the best results possible. It’s also a creative tool that can be used to modify original photos to suit your creative moods. This Webinar is created by Brian Walton one of our Board Members focused on Education. We hope you find this educational and entertaining.

February 2021 – The Exposure Triangle

This is the video recording of our first Technical Webinar held on February 17th 2021 of the Peachtree Corners Photography Club. Our speaker was Ludwig Keck exploring the elements of “The Exposure Triangle” and how to make use of them in our picture taking.