Monthly Meeting – July 2020 *

Our Monthly Meeting will again be online in July

We hope you’ll join us at 7 PM on Thursday, July 9, 2020. Details on how to join the online meeting have been provided in an email.*

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Spotlight on Members

Paul Peterson

My wife and I live near Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the father of five grown children and have lived here most of my life, having moved here from Minnesota after graduating from college.  Over the years, I’ve loved taking shots with point-n-shoots, while out on walks and at church or family events. I was in my high school’s photo club and took a photography class while in college. No formal training beyond that. Over the years, I slowly developed an eye for composition and skill in editing. Near the end of 2015, I finally upgraded to a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and started using Lightroom.  

At the meeting I will present a brief look at my work with photo-spheres, gigapixel landscapes and mosaics, and stereo images.  I will also talk briefly about the various settings which I love to photograph: local landscape and flowers, youth baseball, skaters in Piedmont Park, dog parks, and horse riding competitions.  I will spend a major part of my time offering tips on shooting in that last setting of horses and their riders.

Howell Upchurch

I am a video producer by trade and primarily produce corporate training and marketing videos for Fortune 500 companies. I have been a resident of Peachtree Corners since 2001. During my career I utilized a variety of multimedia platforms to deliver the program. As a result still photography was always an important part of the image making process. Integrating stills with video results in a compelling story telling tool.

I had a very interesting introduction to photography. On the first day of orientation at Central Virginia Community College, I entered the student lounge and was sitting alone sipping a soft drink. Suddenly a student asked to join me and after a few minutes of chat it turns out he was the newly assigned editor of the school newspaper. He had just returned from Vietnam and was attending college on the GI bill. Out of the blue, he says to me, “have you ever been interested in taking photographs for a school paper?” No, I had not but I thought it sounded cool. The very next day I was in a darkroom learning to mix chemicals and use an enlarger. That day changed the course of my life.

Photos from Members

Come see the culinary delicacies submitted for our monthly theme, “Food Photography“. You will also learn the Monthly Theme for our August meeting.