Information for Presenters

Thank you for sharing your art, skills, and experiences with the Peachtree Corners Photography Club.

This articles presents some information to help make your presentation smooth and successful. Our Program Coordinator will assist with all the details that are not covered here.

Our Meetings

The meetings of the Peachtree Corners Photography Club are held on the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7 pm. The meeting location is the Pinckneyville Community Center on Peachtree Industrial Blvd in Berkeley Lake, GA

Setup normally is done starting at 6:30 pm.

Images are presented on a screen (provided by the center) using a video projector. The club has a small video projector for this purpose. The input is via HDMI cable (provided by the club).

Presenters may bring their own computer or provide the presentation images on a USB thumb drive. The preferred format is as a PowerPoint presentation. Other formats can be accommodated, please consult the Meetings Coordinator.

Featured presentations normally may take 30 to 80 minutes. Please work out the schedule with our Meetings Coordinator.


We publicize our meetings with posts on our website, emails to our members, links to our posts in social media and other sites. Our format is somewhat standardized. You can see recent posts starting with the latest in the footer below.

Nowadays it is expected that post links in social sites, and elsewhere, have an accompanying image. To indicate that it is a link, we overlay the “feature image” with the topic of the presentation or related text.

Various sites handle images in their own unique manner by cropping them to fit their own style. The most drastic cropping happens on our own website, and changes with window size and device. It is therefore desirable to use a photo that illustrates the topic and will not lose its integrity by strong cropping from top and bottom or from the sides.

Shown here is a template that describes the requirements. The image should illustrate the presentation topic. It should allow a text overlay in the center vertical quarter and center horizontal half.

The text may be provided by the presenter already applied to the image.

The preferred image dimensions are 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. These dimensions assure that the photo will work properly in the various media.

The text overlay should be in a contrasting color to be easily readable on the photo. The text should not be white to assure that it is offset from white text on our own website. Here is how a version of the template above would look on our site:

Note the site name and menu will be overlaid as well as other website information.

Below are “featured images” from prior meetings. These do not comply with our current recommendations.

Here is the correctly sized image used as the “featured image” for this page. The black lines on the image point out the preferred text area. Note that this is a good image that can be cropped top and bottom and on the sides and still looks pretty good.

Journal Article (Optional)

Presenter are invited to prepare their presentation and illustrations as an article to be published in our Journal. If the article is provided for publication prior to the meeting of the presentation, the publication will be scheduled for the meeting date. Articles may also be submitted any time after the presentation.

Check List

  • A month, or more, prior to the presentation. Provide one or more photos relating to the presentation suitable for use as the “featured image”. See detail requirements in the Publicity section.
  • Assemble presentation material prior to meeting. Bring to meeting on laptop or USB thumb drive.
  • Prove optional article for publication in our Journal.