The Peachtree Corners Photography Club meets on the 2nd Thursday each month at 7:00 pm

Meeting Place: Pinckneyville Community Recreation Center
4650 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Berkeley Lake 30096

Meetings are preceded with a meet and greet period. The formal meeting starts at the scheduled time with the main presentation. There may be one or more short presentation and announcements. We wind up with a question and answer free-for-all. Meetings adjourn at 8:30 pm to allow us to clear the facility by the 9 pm closing time.

Meetings are announced in our newsletter. See the News tab.

Notes for Presenters

We use a small projector for presenting material on a screen. Aspect ratio is 3:4. Input to the projector is an HDMI port. We provide an HDMI cable.

Presenting using your device

You may prepare your material on a laptop computer or similar device and present from your device if it has an HDMI port.

If your material is prepared for an aspect ratio of other than 3:4 it may be stretched or compressed on the screen.

Preparing material as a file on a USB flash drive

You may prepare your material as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF file. Please use 3:4 aspect ratio to match our projector.

You may also bring your images as JPG or PNG files on the drive or in a folder on the drive. We have several presentation programs that will show the images properly sized on the screen. Please keep in mind that portrait orientation uses less than half of the screen area and is less impactful that full screen images.

Announcement and publicity material

Our meeting announcements typically are sent out 2 to 3 weeks prior to the meeting. Please email publicity text and images to – Images should be in JPG or PNG format with the larger dimension 1000 to 2000 pixels.