Monthly Theme – September 2020

Car Photography

Cars are a part of our daily lives and are found everywhere.  A long and lustrous history of design with interesting lines and shapes, art both standing still and in motion.  Subjects run the gamut of Power and Elegance to Beat up Junk.  It is all fair game and can be interesting to a photographer’s eye.    

Submit your Car Photography Photos!   

Our theme entries of member photos will be shown and discussed at the September meeting.

The photo can be from your archive. You are encouraged, of course, to do some new photography for this. Do it safely!

In the entry form there is a text section, Description. Tell about the photo and any other information you wish to share.

Submit your entry no later than September 5, 2020, for it to be included in the meeting theme and critique session.

Click HERE or the image below to go to the submission page.

Atlanta Car Fayre