2021 Calendar

Peachtree Corners Photography Club Activities 2021

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday each month at 6:45 pm. Meetings are online. Meeting topics of past meetings link to the video recording of the meeting.

Webinars are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Topics of past meetings link to the video recording of the webinar.

The event URLs are published in email announcements to registered members – JOIN to become a member of the club and to be added to our mailing list.

The themes and topics shown in the calendar are as currently planned. Changes may be made.

JanuaryThemeHoliday Lights and Fireworks
14MeetingWinter Landscapes – Steve Layman
FebruaryThemeWinter Landscapes
11MeetingAviation Photography – Jon Berry
23WebinarThe Exposure Triangle – Ludwig Keck
11MeetingFinding Meaning for Your Work – Billy Howard
23WebinarUnderstanding White Balance – Brian Walton
AprilThemePost-Processing Challenge
8MeetingMirrorless Cameras – Noah Buchanan @ Hunt’s Photo
27WebinarPost-Processing Options
MayThemeSelf-Portrait with Your Camera (S&T)
13MeetingLife as NY Dir of Photography – Joe Victorine
25WebinarSeeing Like An Artist
JuneThemePost-Processing Challenge
10MeetingPet Photography
22WebinarFocus Modes and Panning
JulyThemePets (C)
8MeetingBlack & White Photography
27WebinarPrinting: Colorchrome Art & Graphic Solutions
AugustThemeBlack & White (S&T)
12MeetingSmartphone Photography
24WebinarSmartphone Apps Demo
SeptemberThemeSmartPhone Photo (C)
9MeetingLight in the Landscape
28WebinarTexture Blending
OctoberThemeBlack & White (S&T)
14MeetingAbstract Photography
26WebinarUsing Curves
NovemberThemeAbstract (C)
11MeetingStreet Photography
23WebinarBasics of Candid & Street Photography
DecemberThemeStreet Photography (S&T)
9MeetingFlash Photography