Down by the River

Monthly Meetings

The Monthly Club meeting is the second Thursday of each month at 6:45pm.  We meet at Atlanta Tech Park, 107 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. The meetings are also simultaneously conducted on Zoom.  Details on how to join the online meeting are provided in an email to registered members prior to the meeting.

PCPC meeting Aust 2019 – photo by Ludwig Keck

Our meetings devote about 15 minutes to the Monthly Theme (see below).

Each meeting has a topic to inform, challenge, or hone skills. The main part is a presentation by a club member or a visiting speaker with extensive experience and knowledge on the topic.

See the most recent Monthly Meeting announcements.

Monthly Theme

Four our Monthly Themes member-submitted photos are presented as a Critique session, or a Show & Tell. Submissions for the monthly theme are due the Saturday before the monthly meeting. The theme usually relates to the previous month’s presentation and topic. 

Critique sessions evaluate what works and what could be improved in each photo.

For Show and Tell the photographers have about a minute to tell about their pictures – anything they wish to share.

Occasionally, we will have a Post-processing Challenge where members are given a JPG photo to download and edit any way they like. 

See the most recent Monthly Theme announcements


Seminars and Webinars

The technical webinars are short (about an hour), targeted demonstrations of specific technical areas to build members’ skills.

See most recent Webinar announcements.

Workshops and Outings

When it is again safe to do so our club will again conduct frequent outings, photo-walks, field trips, and photo shoots.

We plan to go to local gardens, parks, and trails to do some landscape and nature photography!

We also expect to go to fairs and festivals which provide rich opportunities for a variety of photography genres.

Light Up The Corners – 2019
Down by the River


We hope to start photography contests for our members in 2021. More on this as the plans are developed.


In 2020 the Peachtree Corners Photography Club participated in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival with a very successful exhibition. We hope to again have a gallery event in 2021.

See the Fall 2020 Gallery and see the videos of the Gallery Receptions.


We also provide our Journal for photo-stories and articles by club members.