Peachtree Corners Photography Club

The Peachtree Corners Photography Club (PCPC) was established in 2017 to provide a forum for people with a passion for photography and with varied skill levels to share their interests, ideas, experience, and work.  

PCPC is a community of photographers who enjoy sharing ideas and knowledge to promote creativity and learning. We actively foster a spirit of creativity and motivation. In addition, we strive to expand the appreciation of photography within the club and surrounding community.  

As photographers, we want to expand our abilities and to promote growth of artistic and technical knowledge of photography. We seek to accomplish these goals primarily through monthly meetings, presentations, seminars, and field trips.

The Peachtree Corners Photography Club meets on

the 2nd Thursday each month at 7:00 pm
Meeting Place:
Pinckneyville Community Recreation Center
4650 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Berkeley Lake GA 30096

Meetings start with a meet and greet period followed by one or more short presentations. We wind up the hour with a question and answer free-for-all.
Please join us. Photography is our hobby, passion, and for some avocation.

We have a Facebook group to share and discuss photos and to keep members informed about periodic meetings, workshops, and photo events. You do not have to be a resident of Peachtree Corners to join our club and to participate in our activities.

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Please see: facebook.com/groups/PCPhotographyClub/

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We also have a Facebook page with the latest events and news.

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