The Peachtree Corners Photography Club actually started as a Facebook group. Of course, our activities and features there are not totally within our control, so we must accommodate to the ways Facebook works.

If you do not have a Facebook account, or if you are not active there, the following will not be of value to you.

Our Page

We have a Facebook page were all our announcements are shown. The address is:


Visit our page and click Like. This will tell Facebook to show you our latest announcement. You may get a Notification.

This page is only used to show club announcements, with the latest one at the top.

Our Group

This is where our club started and it has grown into a lively place for sharing photos and discussions.


To participate you need to Join Group. This is a Facebook thing. To avoid the many spammers, when you click Join Group you will be asked several questions. There will be text entry fields. Please make an entry in each field. The questions are:

  • Do you live within an hour drive of Peachtree Corners?
  • Do you plan to participate actively in meetings and events?
  • What is your level of photography skills?

If you do not live within our area, or will not be able to actively participate, you may still be approved for membership. Just tell us why you wish to join or how you will benefit from being part of this group. We ask about proficiency to help us in our planning of activities. We welcome all who are interested in photography from beginners to professionals and try to make our activities of benefit and interest to all.