Monthly Theme – February 2021

Photo Credit: Steve Layman

Winter Landscape Photography

Our theme for February is “Winter Landscape Photography”. Following on the wonderful presentation from our January meeting with Steve Layman, we hope you will take his pointers, bundle up, and show us your favorite winter wonderlands. The photos will be shown at the February meeting.

Show and Tell

This month will be a “show and tell” format, and so the photos will not be critiqued. You will have about a minute to tell about your winter landscape – anything about it you wish to share. The photo can be from your archive, but you are encouraged to do some new photography! Be sure to bundle up, socially distance, and do it safely, especially around icy waters. 

In the entry form there is a “Description” text section where you may share anything you wish the host to use when introducing your photo.

Submit your entry no later than February 6, 2021 for inclusion in the meeting theme and show and tell session.

Click HERE to go to the submission page.