Monthly Meeting – February 2021

Photo Credit: Jon Berry

Our Monthly Meeting will be online on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 6:45pm. 

We will review the photos submitted by members on the theme of “Winter Landscape Photography” and this month will be a show and tell format. See the February Theme announcement. Submit your entry no later than February 6, 2021. Details on how to join the online meeting will be provided in an email to registered members.

The February speaker will be Jon Berry and the topic will be “Aviation Photography”. 

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? No, it’s a plane! 

Planes, helicopters, and other aircrafts can be one of the most challenging photography subjects for any photographer. Time, speed, steadiness, and a bit of luck all play a role in the success of capturing an aircraft in action. 

Jon Berry will be presenting on “Aviation Photography” to give up an insight on this complex craft.  

Jon Berry is a Certified Dental Lab Technician and lab owner who has spent years taking intra-oral photos of dental patients. His photography experience crosses fashion shows, beauty pageants, models, weddings to architecture, corporate identity headshots, and product photography. He identifies aviation as a true passion in photography. 

Jon grew up in the “air capital of the world”, Wichita, Kansas! After his first attempt at aviation photography in 1977 at a Blue Angels show at the air base in town, he has never looked back and continues his work in aviation photography. 

What you will learn:

Jon will be showing examples of his photography from various air shows around the country and his passion and experience with aviation. He will be sharing the following:

  • techniques for aviation photography
  • upper body workouts and balance and breathing exercises 
  • how to roll the shutter button
  • settings to use for different aircraft. 

Imagine if you will, standing in the middle of a crowd of people, kids running in and around your feet and legs, while hand holding a super-telephoto lens of 300, 500, 600, or 800mm in length, while panning on a plane passing you at up to 200 to 400 mph… This is aviation photography at its most difficult and yet most fulfilling – but that is not all there is. Helicopters are even harder!  

– Jon Berry, Aviation Photographer

We look forward to seeing you at the February meeting and learning together about aviation photography!