Monthly Meeting – October 2020

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Our Monthly Meeting will again be online in October

We hope you’ll join us at 6:45 PM on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Details on how to join the online meeting will be provided in an email to registered members.

We’re pleased to announce that our guest speaker this month is Steve Zigler. Steve’s topic will be “Confessions of a Digital Manipulator.” He’ll touch on a number of topics that go well beyond the usual “pretty leaves of fall.”

Here’s how Steve describes his presentation:

Photography has always been a journey for me. Whether it is in the literal form of a trip to a new location, learning a new processing technique, or doing something as simple as printing on a new paper, photography is always a discovery process for me.
One of my most significant photographic journeys began years ago with the question, “why do some images work and others don’t?” Sounds simple enough, but the journey toward an answer has taken me in many unexpected directions and yielded some surprising revelations. I went down more rabbit holes than I can count, but eventually some concepts started to come together that ultimately changed my entire approach to photography. In short, I began to learn to express my personal thoughts and feelings through my images. As a result, I can confidently say that I’m happier with my photography now than ever before. And that’s saying a lot coming from an OCD perfectionist control freak!
Of course, learning is a never-ending process and I’m still at it. However, I’m at a point now where I can share my journey, and I’m looking forward to doing that during my program, which I have entitled “Confessions of a Digital Manipulator.” I believe Ansel would be proud of me. While we’re together, I hope you find some meaningful tidbits that will help you during your personal photographic journeys, regardless of whether you’re a digital manipulator or not!

About Steve Zigler

Steve Zigler has never been a professional photographer and rarely sells a photograph. Instead, he makes his living as a chemist at Siemens PETNET Solutions in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he helps develop and commercialize radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic PET scans. Steve recently began working part time so he could spend more time and money on his passion while earning half a paycheck. He thrives on the combination of art and science that creates a photographic image, but he promises not to use the word “photon” anywhere in this program. 

Steve travels extensively, focusing on amazing landscapes wherever he can find them in east Tennessee, the US, and across the globe. His simple mission is to touch the hearts and minds of people around the world through photography to help them connect with themselves, the planet, and the universe. When he’s not in the field with his camera, behind a computer processing images, or planning his next trip, Steve shares his infectious enthusiasm for photography through educational programs at UT, the Tremont Institute (in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park), and as a workshop assistant for photographers who actually do make a living in photography.