The monthly meeting of the Peachtree Corners Photography Club will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, January 14 at the Pinckneyville Community Center. The center is located at 4650 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Berkeley Lake, GA.

This month’s meeting will focus not so much on individual photos but on best practices for managing all your photos from vacations to portraits to landscapes to nature to urban street scenes to whatever genre you enjoy most. 

We’ll lead off with a discussion of Digital Asset Management (DAM) led by Bob Chadwick. Bob will concentrate on the Import function: taking data from your SD card to the computer, where you then organize and manage the data using software such as Lightroom.

Here’s a sample Lightroom screen:

What types of DAM tools can you use to boost the impact of your photos? Bring your questions and curiosity to the meeting!

We’ll then shift to this month’s Show ’n Tell entitled “New Perspectives in Controlling Photography Software” led by Brian Walton. According to Brian, “a standard keyboard and mouse are obvious choices but not necessarily the most empowering options at a photographer’s disposal in the current landscape.  Customization within common photography software packages and various external controllers can be adapted to your needs.”  

We hope you’ll come ready to join Brian and the group in exploring some of those options. A few of the options might surprise you. 

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