Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting of the
Peachtree Corners Photography Club
will be
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 7:00 pm
Pinckneyville Community Center,
4650 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard,
Berkeley Lake, GA

Putting Georgia Geology in the Frame

Our March meeting will feature a presentation by Dr. Bill Witherspoon, a geologist here in the Atlanta area. A couple of years ago, David Dunagan attended the 1-day Geology module that Bill taught as part of the Georgia Master Naturalist program. David was extremely impressed by Bill’s knowledge and presentation talents, and we’re delighted that he accepted David’s recent invitation to be our March speaker. The talk Bill’s preparing for us is called Putting Georgia Geology in the Frame. It’s designed for photographers and includes some of the material from his well-known book titled Roadside Geology of Georgia.

In preparation for the meeting, Bill is inviting all attendees to forward photos featuring rock, especially rock outcrops or groups of boulders, as seen on mountaintops, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, road cuts etc. A pair of images might be appropriate, as in the examples here from Stone Mountain: one setting the rock in a larger landscape, the other showing an odd detail. If paired photos aren’t available, just submit what you have that might be useful.

Visible texture and/or contrast in color in the rock itself are desirable, so he can reveal interesting background info about the images we submit (he’s not an expert on lichen or moss, no matter how much beauty they might drape over a surface). Location information is desired, but does  not need to be written out if the image is geotagged, and priority will be given to photos taken within about 100 miles of Atlanta. 

Just forward your files to David Dunagan ( by Monday, March 1, and he’ll package them up for Bill to review. Attendees whose photos are incorporated will be free to solicit feedback from the whole group as part of the discussion. Photos should be in JPG format and 1000 to 2000 pixels on the longest dimension.

Tell us that you are coming